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Summer 2008

MGEL was fortunate once again to host three wonderful summer interns from Tougaloo College, i.e, Erica Jackson, Whitney Logan, and Aerielle Booker.  Erica, Whitney, and Aerielle conducted research aimed at comparing evolution of genes in chicken and crocodilians.  On their first day of work, Dr. Peterson took them on a field trip to the Noxubee Wildlife Refuge where they were lucky enough to observe a pair of alligators (presumably a mating pair).

  2008 MGEL Summer Interns

2008 Summer Interns Erica Jackson, Whitney Logan, and Aerielle Booker

Summer 2007

In summer 2007 we had a great time hosting three outstanding summer interns, i.e, Avis Simms, Erica McInnis, and Quiana Hunter.  These ladies worked together in performing the initial steps involved in constructing a BAC library for ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba).  In a first, the interns took the library construction process all the way to the BAC production stage.  Avis graduated from Tougaloo College in spring 2007 and started graduate school at the University of Arkansas Health Sciences Center in fall 2007.  Erica and Quiana, both recent graduates of Tougaloo, are interested in medical school. 

2007 MGEL Summer Interns

2007 Summer Interns Avis Simms, Erica McInnis, and Quiana Hunter

Ginkgo Bacterial Artificial Chromosome Library (PDF) - Presented by Quiana Hunter, Erica McInnis, and Avis Simms at the Second Annual MGEL Summer Retreat, July 24, 2007.

Summer 2006

In summer 2006, MGEL served as host to three wonderful, hard-working undergraduate interns - specifically, Erin Reynolds from Tougaloo College and  Travis Faulcon and Kaleena Green from Elizabeth City State University (ECSU).  The interns began the summer by studying the genome of loblolly pine.  Using the skills they acquired in their pine studies, each student then lead their own research project focused on a gymnosperm of their choosing.  Travis, Kaleena, and Erin presented their research on Araucaria heterophylla, Juniperus virginiana, and Cycas revoluta, respectively, at the first annual MGEL Summer Retreat.

  2006 MGEL Summer Interns

2006 Summer Interns Kaleena Green, Travis Faulcon, and Erin Reynolds

Summer 2005

LaShonda Robertson and Annita Avery were MGEL's 2005 summer interns.  These bright, articulate ladies did a wonderful job constructing a DNA library for loblolly pine and helping in generation of the pine BAC library.  Both LaShonda and Annita presented their research at scientific meetings (see below), and both are continuing their biology studies at Tougaloo College.  Of note, LaShonda has been accepted into dental school, and Annita is planning to attend graduate school after graduation!

   LaShonda Robertson Annita Avery

2005 Summer Interns LaShonda Robertson (left photo) and Annita Avery (right photo)

Generation of a Loblolly Pine DNA Library (PDF) - Presented by LaShonda Robertson at the Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students (ABRCMS) in Atlanta, GA (Nov. 2005) and at the 70th Annual Meeting of the Mississippi Academy of Sciences (Feb 22-24, 2006).
The Development of a genomic library of Pinus taeda (poster not available) - Presented by Annita Avery at the 70th Annual Meeting of the Mississippi Academy of Sciences.  Feb. 22-24, 2006.


Generation of a Loblolly Pine DNA Library (PDF) - Seminar presented by LaShonda Robertson and Annita Avery at meetings/conferences at MS State and Tougaloo (Summer 2005).

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