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2007 interns Quiana Hunter, Erica McInnis, and Avis Simms
2007 MGEL Summer Interns Quiana Hunter, Erica McInnis, and Avis Simms in a "Charlie's Angels" pose


Shortly after joining the faculty of Mississippi State University in 2002, Dr. Peterson had the good fortune of meeting Dr. Bettye Sue Hennington, a professor at Tougaloo College, who shared his commitment to empowering minority students.  Under the auspices of the  Mississippi Functional Genomics Network (MFGN), Dr. Hennington had two of her students, Breonica Carter and Anna-Gay Nelson, travel to MGEL where they spent 10 weeks conducting research under the supervision of Dr. Peterson (summer 2003).  The initial summer research program proved a huge success, and consequently this partnership has been continued and expanded.  To provide opportunities for additional minority students, funds to support one Tougaloo summer intern were included in each year of the DBI-0421717 budget.  In summer 2005, LaShonda Robertson was funded through DBI-0421717 while Annita Avery was funded in part by the MFGN and in part by the APG project.  In summer 2006, Tougaloo student Erin Reynolds was supported through DBI-0421717.  Summer 2007 interns Avis Simms, Quiana Hunter, and Erica McInnis and summer 2008 interns Aerielle Booker, Erica Jackson, and Whitney Logan were funded through the MFGN with some support from the APG project.

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